projectWelcome to the Project. The Project Pachyderm. The place we make things happen. Years of development and working with experienced professional scientists has lead to us investigating a number of different medical treatments based on herbal and organic ingredients. Our research is based in secure and clean environments which leads to a productive work environment leading to the latest herbal products safe to use.

All our research is based in a highly secure premises where staff have are monitored for safety and authorisation into areas where tests are carried out.  Too ensure safety measures are left in place we ensure all our staff have lanyards that are personalised to our business to ensure they aren’t forged or easily copied. These lanyards we got from a company called Lesar that are experts in custom lanyards can you also see the full range of ID accessories at the following page http://www.lesar.co.uk/id-accessories.

To add to this we have access control system that monitors who enters which part of the building. This allows management to see who should be in each specific part of the building at any time ensuring the safety of the building, staff and product. Again we went to Lesar to help provide this service. They have a full range of Paxton products including Paxton Key Fobs.

These measures being take ensures that our customers can be confident in the product that we research.